State Law Change Allows Clerks to Sell Foreclosures and Tax Deeds over the Internet

July 9, 2008

Pittsburgh, PA (July 9, 2008)— Effective July 1, 2008, Florida Clerks of the Courts can conduct foreclosure and tax deed sales online. Governor Charlie Christ signed into law House Bill 773, sponsored by Representative Chris Dorworth, authorizing Clerks of the Courts to conduct online auctions of foreclosure and tax deed sales and to accept deposits… Read more »

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Grant Street Group Successfully Launches TaxSys® in Pinellas County, Florida

June 2, 2008

Pittsburgh, PA (June 2, 2008) — Pinellas County, Florida became the 8th county to convert to TaxSys®, Grant Street Group’s web-based tax collection and billing system. Pinellas County is the 5th largest county in Florida, with nearly one million residents. Over a period of four years, the County worked with Microsoft in an attempt to… Read more »

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Grant Street Group Marks 10th Anniversary of Country’s First Internet Bond Auction

November 14, 2007

Pittsburgh, PA (November 14, 2007) — Grant Street Group, the Pittsburgh-based company that pioneered internet auctions of bonds, will be celebrating the 10-year anniversary of the first internet bond auction this week. At 11:30 a.m. sharp on Tuesday, November 18, 1997, the City of Pittsburgh, using Grant Street Group’s MuniAuction website and patented auction methodology,… Read more »

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Grant Street Group Introduces New Terms Page Feature

October 7, 2007

Pittsburgh, PA (October 7, 2002) — Grant Street Group, a Pittsburgh based Internet company that creates and maintains customized websites for auctions and other transactions of fixed-income and equity securities, announced the introduction of a new feature to its MuniAuction and other private label websites Powered by Grant Street Group.

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Grant Street Group Hosts Huge Internet Auctions for Massachusetts $1.2 Billion GIC Auction and $164 Million Interest Rate Swap

August 7, 2007

Pittsburgh, PA (August 7, 2007) — In a first-of-its-kind transaction, the Commonwealth of Massachusetts conducted two internet auctions back-to-back today: a $1.2 Billion GIC auction and a $164 Million, 15-year floating-to-fixed interest rate swap. Both transactions are related to the Commonwealth’s sale of GO Bonds. Grant Street Group served as Bidding Agent for the GIC… Read more »

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City of Los Angeles, California Conducts Largest-Ever Open Note Auction

June 27, 2007

Pittsburgh, PA (June 27, 2007)— The City of Los Angeles, California, utilized Grant Street Group’s patented Internet auction platform to take competitive bids for $916 Million in Tax and Revenue Anticipation Notes. Twelve financial institutions participated in the open auction in which 62 bids were submitted. In fact, bidder competition was so keen that the… Read more »

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Grant Street Group Hosts Bond Auction for Commonwealth of Pennsylvania

May 22, 2007

Pittsburgh, PA (May 22, 2007) — The Commonwealth of Pennsylvania conducted a $373 million competitive G.O. bond sale on Grant Street Group’s MuniAuction website. Six Wall Street firms participated in the sale. During the course of the Open Auction, a total of 12 bids were submitted and the auction was extended for over 4 minutes… Read more »

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Grant Street Group Hosts the First Ever Electronic Auction of Convertible CABs

May 10, 2007

Pittsburgh, PA (May 10, 2007) — Grant Street Group hosted the first ever electronic auction of Convertible CABs on its MuniAuction platform for the City of Perth Amboy, NJ. The $41.7 million of Bonds will initially be issued as Capital Appreciation Bonds, but will convert to Current Interest Bonds in 2012. The TIC calculation factored… Read more »

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Zions Bancorporation Uses Grant Street Group Developed Site To Complete Successful ESOARS Auction

May 8, 2007

Pittsburgh, PA (May 8, 2007) — Zions Bancorporation announced today that it has successfully completed its auction of Employee Stock Option Appreciation Rights Securities (ESOARS). Forty-three bidders participated in the auction for 99,418 ESOARS units. The market-clearing price was $12.06 per unit. ESOARS units were allocated to 21 bidders. A complete summary of the bidding,… Read more »

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