Our team of Title Examiners are responsible for creating Property Information Reports for parcels with unpaid property taxes that are being sent to Tax Deed auction by our County Tax Collector clients.

There are many reasons property taxes go unpaid. Sometimes the owner has abandoned the property. Other times we find the owner is deceased and their heirs need to be notified. Occasionally we even find that the owner has been listed incorrectly on the tax rolls, so may never have received their tax bills.

Our work requires all of the same skills as traditional title work; we search title plants and online public records to construct and analyze the complete deed chain and encumbrances. Navigating plat books, metes-and-bounds legal descriptions, probate, divorce, foreclosures, and quiet title actions are all part of a day’s work.

Our end goal, however, is quite different from traditional title work; we do not set out to fix clouds on title and don’t issue a title insurance policy. Instead, we produce reports that accurately identify all parties with a legal interest in the property who must be notified of the upcoming auction. In addition to the title holders this includes all holders of applicable liens and judgments against the property and title holders.

If you have 4+ years of recent experience in both searching and examining real estate titles and related documents online, and a passion for and a deep understanding of the rules and laws related to real property ownership and encumbrance, then read on and consider applying.

If you join our team, you can expect the work to be some of the most challenging you have experienced, and your sense of ownership over the work will likely be the highest it’s ever been.

This is balanced out by being part of a healthy, collaborative, and supportive team of professionals working together for an organization that sees you as a person, empowers you to think for yourself, ensures your voice is heard, and invests in your growth.

Experience with Florida or California title laws, especially those surrounding the research done for Tax Collectors is preferred, but not required.

Additionally, we are looking for candidates who:

Have demonstrated the ability to:

  • Follow established guidelines and ask lots of questions.
  • Develop a deep understanding of the clients needs, then think critically how to best meet those needs.
  • Work both independently and as part of a team.
  • Work effectively from a home environment.


  • Superior decision-making skills. For example: selecting which documents to examine, then determining what information is relevant, and considering your audience when crafting how to convey what you found.
  • Strong attention to detail as you read and extract information from the documents, then enter that information into a report or software without error.
  • Clear and concise writing skills, the ability to translate complicated title situations into simple-to-understand explanations for the client.

Why consider Grant Street Group as part of your future?

Our extraordinary company culture is the foundation of our unmatched customer service — just ask our clients! We reward teamwork, professional excellence, and individual responsibility. Using the best collaboration tools available, we offer a technology-rich work environment that makes it possible for us to support on-site and telecommuting positions tailored to the needs of our employees. If you are passionate about your work, you have entrepreneurial spirit and you want to be on a team of exceptional professionals, then this could be the opportunity you are looking for.

If you are up to this type of challenge we want to hear from you and learn why you want to work at Grant Street Group.

(Note that outsourced solutions including offshore centers will not be considered.)

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