Online payments made easier.

PayHub® brings online payments into one convenient place for your customers. PayHub can be used with one or many departments and allows customers to pay for different kinds of items in a single checkout.

From a computer or mobile device, customers can easily:

  • Find items to pay for and add them to a shopping cart
  • Pay with a credit card or a bank account
  • Create user profiles using Google, Facebook, or unique username and password combinations
  • Securely save payment methods to profiles for future use
  • Save frequently-paid items to profiles for quick access
  • Schedule payments for future dates
    • A single payment
    • A plan of payments that automatically pays either the amount due on an account or a set, flat amount
  • View completed payments and future scheduled payments at a glance
  • Schedule email reminders to pay on time
  • Send payment-related questions to either your support team or ours, right from the website


Seamless Payments From Any Device

User-friendly, responsive sites make it easy for customers to pay from their favorite devices. PayHub is designed from the ground up with both mobile and desktop users in mind.


Login provides customers a more personalized experience. They can choose to securely log in with Google or Facebook, or create a unique username and password combination. While logging in unlocks additional features, users always have the option to check out as a guest.

Item Selection

A custom search screen allows customers to easily find items that require payment.

Shopping Cart

An intuitive shopping cart allows customers to view their selected items, enter payment information, and securely submit payments.


This secure online wallet gives customers the option to save credit card or bank account information to use again in the future. The information is safely stored and always kept confidential.

Scheduled Payments

Flexible scheduled payments allow users to customize when and how they pay.

Scheduled payment options tailored to your site’s needs:

  • Schedule a single payment for a future date
  • Schedule a plan of automatic bill payments
    • Pay when the bill is due or on a set date
    • Pay the amount due or a flat amount
    • Pay at a frequency that matches the billing cycle
    • Pause or cancel scheduled payments at any time

My Payments

All completed payments can be viewed on one convenient page with links to receipts. Future scheduled payments are also visible at a glance.

My Saved Items

Customers can save things they pay for frequently to their user profiles. This makes it easy to find and pay for all their items without needing to search.


Customized reminders provide peace of mind by sending email alerts before payments are due.

Bilingual Display

Customers can view PayHub sites in either English or Spanish. Emails associated with the payment automatically adjust to match.

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