Tellurium™ Arrives Offering Easy Web Automation for All

July 2, 2013

Pittsburgh, PA (July 2, 2013)Automation for all. That’s the promise made by Tellurium, the latest innovative product from software provider Grant Street Group. “If you have anything that you do on a website over and over again – testing, checking items for compliance, or even ordering bagels each morning – then Tellurium is for you. Our goal was to bring easy-yet-powerful web automation to the masses, and we’ve achieved just that,” proclaimed Mike Sparks, Product Manager for Tellurium.

Tellurium allows anyone to describe the repetitive actions they perform using a “Plain English” language developed by Grant Street Group. Those “Plain English” commands can then be saved and run automatically by Tellurium just like a person would perform them.
Tellurium is completely hosted in the “cloud,” making it extraordinarily easy for users to start automating processes. They simply register at and start writing, running, and saving their actions. Sparks continued, “People are now posting videos online showing that they can log in, write, and run an action in one minute or less.”

To help make things even easier, the Tellurium team developed a browser extension called Generate™. Simply add Generate to your browser, and you’ll be able to easily record your actions as “Plain English” scripts. “You can literally perform the actions that you want Tellurium to repeat, and Generate will watch and write the scripts for you,” says Sparks.

Speed and ease of use were just part of the solution. “As a software company, we wanted to create something that could build bridges between all of the different areas of our organization. Developers, testers, support, management, administrators, trainers, documentation writers: we often found ourselves talking about the same things but saying them in different ways. The ‘Plain English’ nature of Tellurium allows us to use the scripts for training, documentation, bug reporting, in addition to testing,” Sparks added. “The scripts become living documentation that describe exactly how our processes work.”

Early adopters have been using Tellurium for various tasks, including: logging in to a website every few minutes to make sure the site is available, filling out forms, and testing shopping cart functionality. Sparks explained, “People can use Tellurium in ways that we haven’t even considered. That’s part of what makes it so special.”

Tellurium is currently in Beta and is available for free to all users who register ( For more information, contact Mike Sparks at

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