If you are tired of recruiting for people as if they are a commodity and want the challenge of finding extraordinarily talented individuals, this could be your opportunity.

We are a growth-oriented privately held software development company that supports a variety of clients in specialized financial transactions. Our hosted Software as a Service (SaaS) applications support tax collection, electronic payments, bond auctions and more.

We’re looking for a talented recruiter to join our team full-time. If the following describes you, you might be the perfect person for the challenge:

You get to the heart of the matter quickly – You’ll need to learn about our business, products, technical infrastructure, and competencies, and help us create the type of team we need to propel our growth. You excel at deeply understanding the roles you are recruiting for and finding candidates who not only possess the right skills but will also be great teammates.

You relish variety – You will own a wide array of job requisitions for teams across the company. You might source software developers, review resumes of project managers, and lead a phone screen with a data conversion specialist all before you finish your morning coffee.

You don’t miss a beat – We don’t think of our candidates as just part of a pool to pick from; we recognize that today’s talent has a pool of potential employers. You will be responsible for making sure candidates have an excellent experience. You’re the type of person who’s always thinking a step ahead to make sure that candidates move through the hiring process swiftly and seamlessly.

We are looking for someone with a demonstrated track record of recruiting and closing software developers, technical infrastructure and business support professionals. You should have a firm grasp of sourcing strategies and be able to apply them in practice. Strong written and verbal communication skills are a must.

This position is open to telecommuters.

So, why Grant Street Group?

Our extraordinary company culture is the foundation of our unmatched customer service — just ask our clients! We reward teamwork, professional excellence, and individual responsibility. Using the best collaboration tools available, we offer a technology-rich work environment that makes it possible for us to support on-site and telecommuting positions tailored to the needs of our employees. If you are passionate about your work, you have entrepreneurial spirit and you want to be on a team of exceptional professionals, then this could be the opportunity you are looking for.

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