Innovative to our core. 

Welcome to gLabs, Grant Street’s innovation center.

It’s where we relentlessly experiment, all year round, with new product ideas. Outside-the-box thinking and a commitment to rapid prototyping help us develop the features and applications our government clients need… sometimes before they even know they’ll need them.

At our annual User Group Meeting with clients, we unveil prototypes of new features and technologies. Each gLabs product is designed to make the offices of our clients more effective and efficient. We use client feedback to determine which prototypes we continue to develop and take all the way to production.

When clients choose Grant Street software, they’re typically making a long-term investment for the betterment of their respective communities. We take that commitment as seriously as they do. By ensuring that our products are continuously refined, we safeguard those investments and earn the trust placed in us.

This is our laboratory for those refinements.

What Our Clients Say About gLabs

Featured gLabs Projects

Chatbot for RenewExpress

RenewExpress® is a Grant Street service that allows customers to complete vehicle and vessel registration renewals online. When you’ve been in this business for a long enough time, you’re bound to receive some recurring questions.

We asked ourselves, how can we help clients continue raising the bar when it comes to customer service? Offering a product that would provide answers to customer questions, day or night, seemed like a natural next step.

So, we built a chatbot. More specifically, a chatbot named Rex — a play on the RenewExpress name — that would be fast, efficient, polite, and come preloaded with many of the answers our customers seek.

You could think of Rex as a customer service representative in a grocery store, happily waiting and willing to walk any customer to the correct aisle.

Client feedback about Rex at our annual User Group Meeting convinced us that this chatbot, which began as a gLabs project, should become a permanent feature across several of our products.

Rex is a perfect example of rapid prototyping and outside-the-box thinking leading to a product that will make our clients more efficient and their customers happier.

Customer Screen for TaxSys

The Customer Screen for TaxSys® offers a way for customers to see their items as cashiers add them to shopping carts, view promotional materials, and take interactive surveys to provide feedback.

All of our tax collector clients receive large numbers of in-office visitors. Cashiers ring customers up for their property, business, or tourist tax payments, or DMV-related payments, and we wanted to ensure an experience that is both superb and familiar.

We determined that building a second, customer-facing screen, which mirrors the information being processed on a cashier’s screen, was the best way to go about delivering that experience.

Client feedback at our annual User Group Meeting was so positive, and the benefit to the customer experience so apparent, that we’ve decided to take the project from prototype to full development.


Since hosting the world’s first internet bond auction in 1997, Grant Street Group has continued to develop exciting new online applications and services.

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