Grant Street Group is now providing the Cobb County Tax Commissioner’s office with an integrated credit card solution for DRIVES in-person payments via PaymentExpress across five county locations.

PaymentExpress enables the Cobb County Tax Commissioner’s offices to provide taxpayers with a fully-integrated, fast, and convenient payment experience for in-person DMV transactions conducted at county offices. Residents have the ability to make payments utilizing convenient options such as tap, chip, and swipe, as well as digital wallet solutions like Apple Pay and Google Pay. Through direct integration with the Georgia Department of Revenue’s motor vehicle system, DRIVES, PaymentExpress eliminates the possibility of transposition errors, as cashiers are no longer required to manually enter data between systems. By facilitating a seamless data transfer, PaymentExpress expedites counter interactions for taxpayers.

Since implementation, over 45% of the Cobb County Tax Commissioner’s Office in-person payments are processed with PaymentExpress’ contactless (tap to pay) options, demonstrating payers’ desire for quick, easy, and safe payment experiences.

“Grant Street did a great job on the implementation. The solution matches what they presented. We now have a seamless integration and happy staff,” said Luke Rector, Tax Division Director at the Cobb County Tax Commissioner’s Office.

Staff at Cobb County also expressed enthusiasm. “The new workflow is fast. Not as many clicks. It’s saving us several minutes per transaction,” relayed cashiers at Cobb County’s North Marietta Office. “The pin pads are great. Larger screens and lack of need for signature capture will save a lot of time. We’re so happy we no longer need signatures.”

“Customer service is not just a goal; it’s the new standard for excellence in government operations.” said Tim Lowrance, Business Development Strategist at PaymentExpress. “It’s about meeting citizens where they are, understanding their needs, and delivering services that are convenient, efficient, and secure. At PaymentExpress, it’s an honor to serve Cobb County and enhance their payment process at the counter, supporting our mutual commitment to continually enhance the customer experience.”

PaymentExpress benefits include seamless integration with county and state systems of record, increased digital payment adoption, faster checkout times, reduced chargebacks and returns, and improved reconciliation, account balancing, and reporting, to name a few. For more information, contact Tim Lowrance at (412) 514-5816 or via email

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