Grant Street Group announced today that, following a nine-month implementation, the Contra Costa County, California Treasurer-Tax Collector has officially gone live with PaymentExpress® as its new online and point-of-sale electronic payments provider. PaymentExpress will process over $400 million annually in electronic payments for the Tax Collector’s Office.

Contra Costa, a Bay-area county, has a population of over 1.1 million people and is home to Mount Diablo State Park and 19 cities including Martinez, Concord, Walnut Creek, and Richmond.

“The switch to PaymentExpress is another example of how our office continues to employ the latest and most innovative technology in order to improve upon the quality of service our taxpayers expect,” said Russell V. Watts, Contra Costa County’s Treasurer-Tax Collector. “We are confident the results will be more online participation and satisfaction as well as cost-savings to the county. We are grateful to the Grant Street Group team, who through their expertise and professionalism allowed for a smooth and timely implementation.”

This is Grant Street’s first implementation combining the electronic payments functionality of PaymentExpress with point-of-sale cashiering capabilities for traditional cash and check-based property tax payments.

“We’re committed to providing clients with the best and most user-friendly payment solutions, particularly at a time in which accessibility and safety are inextricably linked,” said John McCarthy, Executive Director of Sales for Grant Street. “The entire Contra Costa County staff, beginning with Treasurer-Tax Collector Watts, share the same values and have been tremendous, proactive partners throughout the implementation process.”

PaymentExpress, Grant Street’s secure electronic payments service, is tailored to meet the unique operational and customer service needs of government entities. Over $12 billion in transactions are processed annually using PaymentExpress.

For more information, contact John McCarthy via phone at (412) 246-1321 or email at

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