GEORGIA – Georgia County Tax Commissioners have gone live with PaymentExpress as their e-payments provider for online Motor Vehicle Division payments – marking an important milestone in a multi-phase project. PaymentExpress enables Georgia County citizens to conveniently renew their vehicle registration and pay for other items, such as insurance fees online. 

As part of the County onboarding approach, Grant Street simplified requirements gathering, established standardized configurations, streamlined contract procedures, and created an information packet to explain the steps involved.

“This implementation demonstrates Grant Street’s expertise in scaling quickly and efficiently. For every new project, we enhance our process to make it easier and faster. This framework is particularly relevant for government clients who need to onboard multiple entities within a specific timeframe,” said Phil Runyard, Grant Street’s Chief Strategist, Payments.

PaymentExpress now integrates seamlessly with multiple State systems to capture billing information and allow customers to pay via credit card, debit card, PayPal, or e-check. 

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