Grant Street and Volusia Water Launch First PayHub® Site

June 18, 2019

Grant Street Group officially launched our first PayHub site, for the Volusia County Water Resources and Utilities Department.

This successful launch marks a turning point in customer service and design when it comes to making online payments.

PayHub brings online payments into one convenient place for customers. Each PayHub client has a public PayHub site composed of independently-developed services called modules. Modules allow customers to quickly add items to a shopping cart and check out using a credit card or bank account.

Additional PayHub modules allow customers to create profiles using Google or Facebook accounts, securely save payment methods for future transactions, and mark frequently-paid items for even speedier future checkouts.

Can’t find the correct items? Having trouble checking out? Need help scheduling a single or recurring payment? Send payment-related questions to knowledgeable support teams directly from the site.

Volusia Water chose to use a variety of modules on its new PayHub site, ranging from the convenient features of our e-wallet and shopping cart to a messaging module for immediate customer assistance.

About Grant Street Group

Grant Street Group specializes in cloud-based government solutions for tax collection, e-payments, and auctions. Our applications handle the billing, collection, and distribution of taxes, as well as payment processing and online auctions of financial and legal instruments.

Nearly two-thirds of all property taxes in the state of Florida ($21 billion) are collected using TaxSys, our fully hosted tax billing and collection solution. One-third of online vehicle and vessel registration renewals in the state are processed using our RenewExpress software.

PaymentExpress, our secure e-payments service, processes over $6 billion in credit card and e-check transactions annually.

Grant Street is also the world’s largest internet auctioneer. To date, we’ve conducted online auctions of bonds, notes, tax certificates, and other financial and legal instruments for more than 6,800 government and financial entities, with a value exceeding $12 trillion.

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