ATLANTA, April 15, 2021 – The Georgia Department of Revenue (DOR) has selected Grant Street Group’s PaymentExpress® solution for its online and point-of-sale payments. Georgia’s DOR has over 245,000 tax and DMV payment transactions, totaling $133 million, each year. This volume is expected to increase with PaymentExpress’ intuitive and citizen-centric payment features.

The Georgia DOR joins a growing list of large government agencies across the country that rely on PaymentExpress to collect over $15 billion in government revenues each year. Specifically designed for government, PaymentExpress accepts all major debit and credit card brands, along with in-person PIN debits and contactless payments for convenient checkout. With a mobile-first design, online payments are highly accessible, and include e-checks, user profiles complete with digital wallets for stored payment tenders, payment alerts, and payment history. Detailed reporting, management of chargebacks, and maintenance of point-of-sale devices are just a few of the standard services PaymentExpress offers.

Grant Street was awarded the Georgia contract following a competitive and diligent procurement process. The implementation will begin this month and roll out in four phases covering the Motor Vehicle Division and International Registration Plan online system, integration with DOR’s tax system for online and in-person payments, and online tag and title payment services for all 159 county tax commissioners.

“Customer expectations and payment behavior have changed dramatically over the last year, making it absolutely essential for payments of government services to be simple, secure, always available, and convenient for citizens,” said Phil Runyard, Grant Street’s Chief Strategist for Payments. “Georgia DOR’s thorough procurement process and requirements made it clear that they are laser focused on improving the payment experience for citizens and we look forward to serving Georgia with PaymentExpress.”

About Grant Street Group

Grant Street Group specializes in cloud-based government solutions for tax collection, e-payments, and auctions. Every year we process over $30 billion in tax payments and $12 billion in e-payments. Over the past 20 years, Grant Street has hosted online auctions of financial instruments exceeding $12 trillion.