Grant Street Group Becomes a Bronze Sponsor of the Perl Foundation

January 30, 2015

perlfoundationlogoGrant Street Group is proud to announce it has become a 2015 Bronze Sponsor of The Perl Foundation.

This sponsorship will help support 2015 Perl Foundation events including:

“The Perl programming language is a core part of our technical architecture, and the very foundation of the solutions we provide for our clients”, said Pierre Denis, Chief Technology at Grant Street Group. “We’ve supported many Perl events over the years, and are pleased to expand this sponsorship for the upcoming year”.

Grant Street Group has been a proud sponsor of various Perl Foundation events since 2003, including YAPC, the Pittsburgh Perl Workshop, the Perl QA Hackathon, and other regional Perl Foundation events in the United States and across the globe. The 2015 sponsorship will also help support the Perl Foundation’s charitable efforts such as the Outreach Program for Women and local community outreach events related to Perl user groups at the local level.

About the Perl Foundation
The Perl Foundation is a not-for-profit corporation dedicated to advancing the usage, and development, of the Perl programming language. The Perl Foundation carries out a range of activities including: the collection and distribution of development grants; sponsorship and organization of community-led local and international Perl conferences; support for community web sites and user groups, including Perl Monks, Perl Mongers and; and management of intellectual property for Perl 6.

About Grant Street Group
Grant Street Group (GSG) has developed and administered web sites used by government entities and financial institutions to conduct auctions and process high-volume, complex financial transactions. We have successfully hosted financial transactions exceeding $12 trillion for over 6,000 issuers throughout the nation since 1997.

Today, GSG provides Software as a Service applications for revenue collection, auctions, and e-payment processing.

As a Pittsburgh-based company, GSG has been a proud sponsor of the Pittsburgh Perl Workshop since 2006.