Jefferson County, AL Selects PaymentExpress®

November 16, 2018

Today, Grant Street Group announced that Jefferson County has selected and started to implement PaymentExpress® as its new countywide electronic payment platform. The largest county in Alabama, Jefferson County encompasses the City of Birmingham and is home to over 660,000 citizens.

Jefferson County joins many other large government agencies across the country who rely on PaymentExpress to collect over $5 billion in government revenue each year. PaymentExpress, an e-payment system designed for the unique needs of government agencies, will allow the County to accept all major debit and credit card brands (Visa, MasterCard, Discover, American Express) for payments online, over the phone (IVR), via mobile or tablet devices, and in the office. E-check payments will also be available online.

“Jefferson County Department of Revenue would like to thank Grant Street Group for the successful launch of our new PaymentExpress credit card system. Our “Go Live” was a great success with the help of their staff. Their personnel were extremely professional and courteous and available to help with all questions and training on the new system. We are extremely pleased with the system and look forward to working with Grant Street Group in the future,” said Jefferson County Department of Revenue Chief Accountant, Keith B. Crawford.

“Strategically, Jefferson County is an ideal fit with our existing client base of large, regional county governments,” said Phil Runyard, Grant Street’s Director of ePayments. “We designed PaymentExpress as a secure, intuitive government e-payment solution, which has delivered huge improvements for our clients and their citizens. We expect the same to be true for Jefferson County and its residents,” continued Mr. Runyard.

PaymentExpress will continue to be rolled out across other Jefferson County departments including Sewer Billing and Environmental Services. The County selected PaymentExpress following a competitive procurement process.