Prior to the acceptance of tax bills in Florida beginning on November 1, Grant Street Group completed a six-week implementation of PaymentExpress® with the Miami-Dade Tax Collector’s Office.

Home to nearly three million Floridians, Miami-Dade County is the seventh most populous county in the United States. A cultural and economic powerhouse, Miami-Dade is not only a hub of commerce, innovation, culture, and the arts, but also rich in natural beauty with Biscayne Bay and Everglades National Park.

PaymentExpress will match the dynamism of the County by efficiently processing over $2.5 billion in online tax payments each year.

The County moved to PaymentExpress to enhance the Tax Collector Office’s ability to collect business, property, and tourist development tax payments online. Taxpayers can now quickly and easily make payments using cards or electronic checks, sign up to create a profile and save payment tenders, and receive email notifications for upcoming bills. The administrative features of PaymentExpress provide extensive reporting and a simple and easy accounting and reconciliation process.

“For a county as large and complex as Miami-Dade, this was an extremely efficient implementation, and a job well done by both the County and Grant Street teams,” said Phil Runyard, Chief Strategist for Payments at Grant Street. “We’re pleased to serve the County, and its customers, with our highly secure and easy to use payment solution.”

The Miami-Dade Tax Collector’s Office has been a Grant Street client since 2013, when they went live with TaxSys®, Grant Street’s cloud-based tax collection and billing system. The Tax Collector’s Office also began using Grant Street’s RenewExpress® solution in 2015 to process vehicle and vessel registration payments. Miami-Dade County currently collects over $6.5 billion in property taxes each year using TaxSys.

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