PaymentExpress® unveils Data Insights, an integrated Business Intelligence tool that enables clients to illuminate key insights to drive strategic decision-making within their organizations. This launch marks a significant milestone in a multi-phase project, aimed at enhancing clients’ visibility into their payment data.

Today’s release includes four visualizations: the Payments by Amount & Volume, In-Person Payments, Contactless Payments, and E-check Returns dashboards – all of which leverage advanced analytics to deliver a view of operational data. The tool’s interface ensures clients can easily navigate and derive valuable insights, fostering a data-driven approach to business operations.

The Payments by Amount and Volume dashboard gives users the opportunity to dive deep into transaction data over time and analyze payment trends. Clients can seek information spanning from the preferred payment channels of their customers to online transaction volumes and location-specific traffic patterns.

With the In-Person Payments dashboard, clients have an overview of their in-person payment volume by location and time. By presenting this data, users gain insights into patterns among in-person payers, including the times they frequent offices and the most visited locations. Additionally, information on payment methods helps identify the most frequently utilized workflows, enabling staff to be adequately prepared for managing those specific payment processes.

Contactless Payments offers a visual representation of the growth of in-person payments conducted through contactless methods. With the increasing popularity of contactless payments, this dashboard depicts their substantial contribution to in-person payments. Clients can utilize this tool to analyze specific details, such as department, location, and card brand, providing valuable insights into the areas where contactless payments are most prevalent.

Lastly, the E-Check Returns view offers clients a comprehensive overview of their e-check return rates over time. Dealing with e-check returns can be a complex task, and this visualization aims to provide clients with data on the transaction types most susceptible to these returns, in addition to highlighting common reasons behind them. By leveraging this information, clients can better plan and implement strategies to address the impact of returned payments.

“The launch of Data Insights as an important part of the ongoing evolution of PaymentExpress. This Business Intelligence tool represents our dedication to providing clients with powerful solutions that enhance their daily operations,” said Phil Runyard, Chief Strategist of Payments at PaymentExpress.

PaymentExpress is using Data Insights to set a new standard for business intelligence within the payments landscape. In the coming weeks, our focus will remain on enhancing design and introducing new visualizations to further enrich an insightful and user-friendly experience. PaymentExpress invites clients to explore the capabilities of Data Insights and experience the value it brings to strategic decision making.