Every business has been tested in new and unexpected ways by COVID-19. Despite the numerous challenges, our commitment to our clients has never faltered, nor has our approach — Software at your Service.

We closely monitored executive and local orders, and adapted for necessary changes. When the state of Florida issued an executive order on March 26th to extend the property tax delinquency date, we were ready. When San Mateo County in California extended their delinquency tax payments date due to office closures, we were ready. When all clients needed to add information, updates, and announcements to their public facing sites, we were ready.

Our cloud-based solution allows government employees to access TaxSys from anywhere, any place, at any time. As a result of TaxSys’ flexible platform, competent support staff, and extensive knowledge of property tax laws, we’ve been able to process the extension of property tax delinquency dates for each of our 26 TaxSys clients, freeing up office staff to focus their time and energy on other critical issues. With property tax data at their fingertips, local government staff can perform research and assist taxpayers, even as their physical offices remain closed to the public.

Our client support does not, and will not, end with our software. Office closures forced many of our clients to make the transition to remote work for the first time. Seventy percent of our workforce telecommutes under normal circumstances. It’s an approach we adopted early in our history and makes us uniquely positioned to help others make the transition. From network expertise and troubleshooting to hardware acquisition and video conferencing support, to building customer service chatbots in a hurry, we are always accessible and ready to help.

We’ve continued to build new features and implement software for new clients, without missing a beat, just as we did before this global health crisis. TaxSys, complemented by our entire suite of tax collection applications, and our support staff continue to serve clients without interruption.

We wish all of our clients, current and prospective, safety and peace of mind. We are here to help.