St. Lucie County Tax Collector and Grant Street Group Streamline Tax Deed Applications

April 24, 2008

This week, St. Lucie County, FL Tax Collector Bob Davis inaugurated DirecTDA, the new online tax deed application service from Grant Street Group that allows tax collectors to process tax deed applications in bulk and from end-to-end (i.e., from generating estimates to printing 512 and 513 Forms). In St. Lucie’s case, the effort required to process bulk applications was reduced from days to minutes.

Assistant Tax Collector Larry Clancy was greatly pleased with DirecTDA’s positive impact on efficiency: “In addition to working well the software accomplished its intended purpose – to save a great deal of time. We have processed about 300 [tax deed applications] and will continue to do more in the coming weeks.”

St. Lucie enjoyed a number of additional conveniences as a result of the pre-existing integration between TaxSys, their web-based tax billing and collection system supplied by Grant Street Group, and DirecTDA. For example, there were no cumbersome data downloads between two different applications supplied by two different vendors. Using both TaxSys and DirecTDA clients can generate estimates, applications, payments and reports seamlessly and effortlessly.

We would welcome the opportunity to give you either an on-site demonstration or a phone demonstration of DirecTDA and/or TaxSys, which, with the addition of Broward County, handles tax billing and collection for more than two million parcels in Florida.

For more information, please contact us.