Grant Street Group has officially implemented PaymentExpress®, its electronic payment processing platform, for the state of Ohio’s official online plate renewal site (OPLATES).

PaymentExpress will bring payment capabilities to all 11 of the Ohio Department of Public Safety’s (ODPS) online services, as well as all 195 physical offices, under a single vendor for the first time. PaymentExpress was selected following a competitive bidding process headed by the ODPS.

“The addition of these new services and departments marks an evolution in our relationship with the state, and demonstrates our commitment to providing a comprehensive digital payment services solution for Ohio,” said Phil Runyard, Chief Strategist, Payments, at Grant Street.

Since 2016, PaymentExpress has provided the Ohio Bureau of Motor Vehicles with the ability to accept in-person credit and debit card payments at all Deputy Registrar and reinstatement center locations throughout the state. Using PaymentExpress, Ohio became the first statewide motor vehicle agency to utilize chip card technology.

For more information, please contact Phil Runyard at (412) 391-5555 or