Grant Street Group, the leading provider of cloud-based tax collection software, announced it has signed agreements with the Orange County Tax Collector for a comprehensive suite of integrated tax collection and payment software and services. This includes TaxSys®, a state-of-the-art web-based tax collection and billing system; LienHub® for online tax certificate sales; VisionPro™ for business intelligence and data analytics; and PaymentExpress®, a full- service payment processing solution for online and in-person credit cards, debit cards, e-checks, and contactless payments.

Orange County, a fast growing metropolitan area, serving a population of more than 1.4 million residents, becomes the 30th Florida County Tax Collector to select TaxSys and PaymentExpress. The Tax Collector’s Office successfully completed its launch of PaymentExpress, marking a significant milestone. The conversion to TaxSys will be fully completed by February 2025.

“The Orange County Tax Collector’s office is a highly tuned organization and a significant addition to our Florida client base,” said Ian Yorty, Grant Street’s Chief Business Development Officer. “We look forward to advancing our tax collection software innovations with Orange County and our clients across the state, who collectively represent an incredible knowledge base, and are a pleasure to serve.”

For more information, contact Ian Yorty, Chief Business Development Officer for Grant Street, at (305) 710-8926 or via email at

About Grant Street Group
Grant Street Group specializes in cloud-based government solutions for tax collection, e-payments, and auctions. Nearly 70% of all property taxes in the state of Florida ($30 billion) are collected using TaxSys®, our fully hosted tax billing and collection solution. PaymentExpress®, our secure e-payments service, processes over $22 billion in credit card and e-check transactions annually.