Foreclosures/Tax Deeds

ClerkAuction® and DeedAuction® are customizable online auction platforms that streamline and optimize foreclosure and deed sales for treasurers, tax collectors, and clerks of the courts.


Saves Time & Money

  • Reduce required frequency of sales
  • Process greater volume at every sale
  • Avoid costs of a public on-site auction, such as…
    • Hiring security and installing surveillance cameras
    • Renting space to conduct the sale
    • Supplying staff to administer sale

Internal Controls, Accuracy and Security

  • Bidder activity logs
  • Results stored automatically – no transcription errors
  • Clerk establishes registration, deposit and pre-bid requirements
  • Protects sale integrity – eliminates perception of favoritism or bidder interference
  • Stores “Official Record” in a secure and retrievable format
  • Grant Street Group purchases and maintains all computer hardware

Increases Competition and Achieves Better Results

  • Bidders can participate from the comfort of home and/or office
  • Creates a larger market of buyers – increases sale price and number of foreclosures/deeds sold

For interest or assistance in using any foreclosure/tax deed auction site, please contact us at (877) 274-9320 or

Upcoming Auctions

To view upcoming auctions, use the Auction Portal, or visit the auction sites:

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Palm Beach County, FL Clerk & Comptroller Foreclosure and Tax Deed Auctions
St. Lucie County, FL Clerk of the Circuit Court Foreclosure and Tax Deed Auctions