A One Stop Solution for Tax Deed and Foreclosure Sales

Benefits of ClerkAuction® and DeedAuction®

  • Customize your site to meet your needs and the needs of your investors
  • Optimize process of foreclosure and tax deed sales
  • Reduce cost of holding a live public auction
  • Increase the competition as bidders all over the world participate
  • Accept electronic funds transfers to reduce over the counter transactions
  • Store results automatically with no transcription errors with results available as soon as auction closes

With ClerkAuction and DeedAuction, we take the burden off the Treasurers, Tax Collectors, Trustees and Clerks of Court of setting up and conducting their online auctions for tax deeds and foreclosure sales. We can customize the auction platform and provide real-time information on the parcels to be sold and the results of the sale. By streamlining and simplifying this process, ClerkAuction and DeedAuction become your one stop solution for tax deed and foreclosure sales.


Looking for Information About How to Bid on Foreclosures and Tax Deeds?

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