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Tax Collection

Tax Deed Auctions – DeedAuction®

Individual and institutional investors can use DeedAuction to participate in online tax deed sales.

For more details please see the Sale Instructions page on each website.

If you have already registered in any of our Clerk/DeedAuction or LienHub sites, you can log in to any of the sites below with your existing user ID and password.

All dates are determined by the seller and are subject to change.

Client Tax Deed Auction Website Auction Available Closing Date
City and County of San Francisco, CA SanFrancisco.MyTaxSale.com April 22, 2024 April 24, 2024
Sacramento County, CA Sacramento.MyTaxSale.com February 26, 2024
San Bernardino County, CA SBCounty.MyTaxSale.com June 1, 2024 June 7, 2024
San Diego County, CA SDTTC.MyTaxSale.com March 22, 2024 March 27, 2024
San Mateo County, CA SanMateo.MyTaxSale.com TBD TBD
Broward County, FL Broward.DeedAuction.net Monthly n/a

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Tax Lien Certificate Auctions, County-Held Tax Lien Certificates, Tax Deed Applications – LienHub®/LienAuction®

Individual and institutional investors can use LienHub/LienAuction sites to submit bids on delinquent tax lien certificates. In addition, LienHub sites allow investors to purchase county-held certificates or submit tax deed applications.

For more details please see the Welcome, Documentation, and FAQs pages on each website.

If you have already registered in any of our LienHub/LienAuction or Clerk/DeedAuction sites, you can log in to any of the sites below with your existing user ID and password.

All annual tax lien auction dates are determined by the seller and are subject to change.

Client Website 2023 Auction Available 2023 Closing Date
Alachua County Tax Collector, FL LienHub.com/County/Alachua May 11, 2023 June 1, 2023
Bay County Tax Collector, FL LienHub.com/County/Bay May 13, 2023 June 1, 2023
Brevard County Tax Collector, FL LienHub.com/County/Brevard May 10, 2023 May 30-31, 2023
Broward County Records, Taxes & Treasury Division, FL LienHub.com/County/Broward April 28, 2023 May 24-25, 2023
Charlotte County Tax Collector, FL LienHub.com/County/Charlotte May 12, 2023 May 31, 2023
Citrus County Tax Collector, FL LienHub.com/County/Citrus May 5, 2023 June 1-3, 2023
Clay County Tax Collector, FL LienHub.com/County/Clay May 12, 2023 May 31, 2023
Collier County Tax Collector, FL LienHub.com/County/Collier May 11, 2023 June 1, 2023
Duval County Tax Collector, FL LienHub.com/County/Duval May 10, 2023 May 24, 2023
Escambia County Tax Collector, FL LienHub.com/County/Escambia May 4, 2023 June 1, 2023
Flagler County Tax Collector, FL LienHub.com/County/Flagler May 5, 2023 June 1, 2023
Hernando County Tax Collector, FL LienHub.com/County/Hernando May 10, 2023 May 24, 2023
Hillsborough County Tax Collector, FL LienHub.com/County/Hillsborough May 1, 2023 May 31, 2023
Indian River County Tax Collector, FL LienHub.com/County/IndianRiver May 11, 2023 June 1, 2023
Lake County Tax Collector, FL LienHub.com/County/Lake May 11, 2023 June 1, 2023
Lee County Tax Collector, FL LienHub.com/County/Lee May 3, 2023 May 23, 2023
Martin County Tax Collector, FL LienHub.com/County/Martin May 10, 2023 June 1, 2023
Miami-Dade County Tax Collector, FL LienhHub.com/County/MiamiDade May 12, 2023 June 1-2, 2023
Monroe County Tax Collector, FL LienHub.com/County/Monroe May 11, 2023 June 1, 2023
Nassau County Tax Collector, FL LienHub.com/County/Nassau May 3, 2023 May 24, 2023
Okaloosa County Tax Collector, FL https://Lienhub.com/County/Okaloosa May 4, 2023 June 1, 2023
Osceola County Tax Collector, FL LienHub.com/County/Osceola May 12, 2023 May 31, 2023
Pasco County Tax Collector, FL LienHub.com/County/Pasco May 4, 2023 May 23, 2023
Pinellas County Tax Collector, FL LienHub.com/County/Pinellas May 12, 2023 June 1, 2023
Santa Rosa County Tax Collector, FL LienHub.com/County/SantaRosa May 5, 2023 June 1, 2023
St. Lucie County Tax Collector, FL LienHub.com/County/StLucie May 3, 2023 May 18-19, 2023
Sumter County Tax Collector, FL LienHub.com/County/Sumter May 5, 2023 June 1, 2023
Volusia County Revenue Office, FL LienHub.com/County/Volusia May 12, 2023 May 31, 2023
Walton County Tax Collector, FL LienHub.com/County/Walton May 5, 2023 June 1, 2023

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Pay Property Taxes and Business Taxes – TaxSys®

Taxpayers can use any of the TaxSys websites below for inquiries, research, and payment of property taxes and business taxes.

For more details please see the Help link on each website.

Client Property Tax and Business Tax Payment Website
City and County of San Francisco, CA SanFrancisco-CA.County-Taxes.com
San Mateo County, CA SanMateo-CA.County-Taxes.com
Alachua County, FL Alachua.County-Taxes.com
Bay County, FL Bay.County-Taxes.com
Brevard County, FL Brevard.County-Taxes.com
Broward County, FL Broward.County-Taxes.com
Charlotte County, FL Charlotte.County-Taxes.com
Citrus County, FL Citrus.County-Taxes.com
Collier County, FL Collier.County-Taxes.com
Escambia County, FL Escambia.County-Taxes.com
Flagler County, FL Flagler.County-Taxes.com
Hillsborough County, FL Hillsborough.County-Taxes.com
Indian River County, FL IndianRiver.County-Taxes.com
Lake County, FL Lake.County-Taxes.com
Martin County, FL Martin.County-Taxes.com
Miami-Dade County, FL MiamiDade.County-Taxes.com
Monroe County, FL Monroe.County-Taxes.com
Nassau County, FL Nassau.County-Taxes.com
Okaloosa County, FL Okaloosa.County-Taxes.com
Osceola County, FL Osceola.County-Taxes.com
Pasco County, FL Pasco.County-Taxes.com
Pinellas County, FL Pinellas.County-Taxes.com
Santa Rosa County, FL SantaRosa.County-Taxes.com
St. Lucie County, FL StLucie.County-Taxes.com
Sumter County, FL Sumter.County-Taxes.com
Volusia County, FL Volusia.County-Taxes.com
Walton County, FL Walton.County-Taxes.com

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Pay Tourist Development Taxes – TouristExpress™

Taxpayers can file returns and make payments online using our secure TouristExpress websites.

You’ll need to establish a tourist development tax account with each Tax Collector’s office before you can request authorization to file and pay your returns electronically.

For more details please see the Frequently Asked Questions page, and the TouristExpress User Guide on each website.

Client Tourist Development Tax Website
Alachua County, FL Alachua.County-Taxes.com/Tourist
Brevard County, FL Brevard.County-Taxes.com/Tourist
Broward County, FL Broward.County-Taxes.com/Tourist
Charlotte County, FL Charlotte.County-Taxes.com/Tourist
Collier County, FL Collier.County-Taxes.com/Tourist
Flagler County, FL Flagler.County-Taxes.com/Tourist
Hillsborough County, FL Hillsborough.County-Taxes.com/Tourist
Lake County, FL Lake.County-Taxes.com/Tourist
Martin County, FL Martin.County-Taxes.com/Tourist
Miami-Dade County, FL MiamiDade.County-Taxes.com/Tourist
Monroe County, FL Monroe.County-Taxes.com/Tourist
Nassau County, FL Nassau.County-Taxes.com/Tourist
Osceola County, FL Osceola.County-Taxes.com/Tourist
Pasco County, FL Pasco.County-Taxes.com/Tourist
Pinellas County, FL Pinellas.County-Taxes.com/Tourist
St. Lucie County, FL StLucie.County-Taxes.com/Tourist
Volusia County, FL Volusia.County-Taxes.com/Tourist

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Renew Vehicle/Vessel Registrations – RenewExpress™

Taxpayers can find and renew their vehicle or vessel registrations online using RenewExpress, a web-based system that allows Florida tax collectors to process registration renewal payments online.

You’ll need your PIN from your printed renewal notice, or your license plate and the registrant’s birth date to get started.

Client Vehicle/Vessel Renewal Website
Alachua County, FL www.renewexpress.com/alachua/renewals
Bay County, FL www.renewexpress.com/bay/renewals
Brevard County, FL www.renewexpress.com/brevard/renewals
Broward County, FL www.renewexpress.com/broward/renewals
Charlotte County, FL www.renewexpress.com/charlotte/renewals
Citrus County, FL www.renewexpress.com/citrus/renewals
Collier County, FL www.renewexpress.com/collier/renewals
Escambia County, FL www.renewexpress.com/escambia/renewals
Flagler County, FL www.renewexpress.com/flagler/renewals
Hillsborough County, FL www.renewexpress.com/hillsborough/renewals
Indian River County, FL www.renewexpress.com/indianriver/renewals
Lake County, FL www.renewexpress.com/lake/renewals
Martin County, FL www.renewexpress.com/martin/renewals
Miami-Dade County, FL www.renewexpress.com/miamidade/renewals
Nassau County, FL www.renewexpress.com/nassau/renewals
Okaloosa County, FL www.renewexpress.com/okaloosa/renewals
Osceola County, FL www.renewexpress.com/osceola/renewals
Pasco County, FL www.renewexpress.com/pasco/renewals
Pinellas County, FL www.renewexpress.com/pinellas/renewals
Santa Rosa County, FL www.renewexpress.com/santarosa/renewals
St. Lucie County, FL www.renewexpress.com/stlucie/renewals
Sumter County, FL www.renewexpress.com/sumter/renewals
Volusia County, FL www.renewexpress.com/volusia/renewals
Walton County, FL www.renewexpress.com/walton/renewals

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Apply for a Business Tax License – BTExpress™

Taxpayers can apply for a business tax license and make changes to their local business tax accounts online using BTExpress.

You must have a business located in the county in order to use BTExpress. You’ll need to know information about the business to answer the questions in BTExpress, and you may need to provide additional documentation.

For more details please see the BTExpress User Guide on each website.

Client Business Tax Application Website
Brevard County, FL Brevard.County-Taxes.com/BTExpress
Broward County, FL Broward.County-Taxes.com/BTExpress
Charlotte County, FL Charlotte.County-Taxes.com/BTExpress
Escambia County, FL Escambia.County-Taxes.com/BTExpress
Flagler County, FL Flagler.County-Taxes.com/BTExpress
Hillsborough County, FL Hillsborough.County-Taxes.com/BTExpress
Martin County, FL Martin.County-Taxes.com/BTExpress
Miami-Dade County, FL MiamiDade.County-Taxes.com/BTExpress
Okaloosa County, FL Okaloosa.County-Taxes.com/BTExpress
Pasco County, FL Pasco.County-Taxes.com/BTExpress
Santa Rosa County, FL SantaRosa.County-Taxes.com/BTExpress
St. Lucie County, FL StLucie.County-Taxes.com/BTExpress

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Auction Rate Securities Auctions

Broker dealers, issuers, and trustees from eligible institutions can register to participate in an auction.

Client Auction Rate Securities Auction Website
Wilmington Trust WTauctions.com

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Bond and Note Auctions

Financial advisors, underwriters, and issuers from eligible institutions can register to participate in an auction.

Client Bond and Note Auction Website
MuniAuction MuniAuction.com
Ameritas Investment Corporation AICauction.com
Columbia Capital Management, LLC ColumbiaCapitalAuction.com
Fiscal Advisors & Marketing, Inc. FiscalAdvisorsAuction.com
Kelling, Northcross & Nobriga KNNauction.com
Northland Securities NSIauction.com
Public Financial Management PFMauction.com
Speer Financial SpeerAuction.com

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Certificate of Deposit Auctions

CD auctions allow for purchases of large CDs by state and local government treasurers.

Banks may register on each individual CD auction website where they wish to submit bids, and must be qualified by the program sponsor before bidding.

Client CD Auction Website
Allegheny County, PA www.BidAllegheny.com
Commonwealth of Massachusetts www.BidMass.com
State of Idaho www.BidIdaho.com
State of Iowa www.BidIowa.com
State of Louisiana www.BidLouisiana.com
State of Ohio www.BidOhio.com
State of South Carolina www.BidSC.com
State of Texas www.BidTX.com
State of West Virginia www.BidWVauction.com

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Money Market Instrument Auctions

Banks and broker dealers can register with YieldAuction to bid on:

  • CDs
  • Repo
  • Commercial Paper
  • U.S. Treasury and Agency securities
  • Laddered portfolios for refunding escrows
  • Construction funds
Client Money Market Instrument Auction Website
YieldAuction YieldAuction

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