Grant Street Group Successfully Launches TaxSys® in Pinellas County, Florida

June 2, 2008

Pittsburgh, PA (June 2, 2008) — Pinellas County, Florida became the 8th county to convert to TaxSys®, Grant Street Group’s web-based tax collection and billing system. Pinellas County is the 5th largest county in Florida, with nearly one million residents. Over a period of four years, the County worked with Microsoft in an attempt to create a custom-built, comprehensive tax collection and billing system. After seeing few results, Grant Street Group was brought in to replace Microsoft and implement a robust, configurable solution that meets the needs of the Tax Collector. Grant Street Group was able to implement its solution in just 8 months.

County Tax Collector Diane Nelson was impressed with both the speed and smoothness of the transition to TaxSys: “In a short timeframe, Grant Street migrated 4.5 million tax records from our outdated database to TaxSys. 99.9% were problem-free. We are happy to say that it has been a pleasure doing business with Grant Street Group”.

With the upcoming addition of Broward County, Florida, TaxSys handles tax billing and collection for more than two million parcels in Florida. For more information, please contact Ian Yorty at (305) 710-8926, or

Categories: Revenue Collection