Meet Andrei: Event Planning Intern (Summer 2019)

August 9, 2019

Andrei, our 2019 Event Planning Intern, is a Marketing and Entrepreneurship major at Duquesne University.

What project(s) have you focused on this summer?
I’ve focused on Grant Street Group’s Summer Company Meeting, the Summer Company Picnic, Intern Welcome and Last Day Events, as well as helping organize our annual User Group Meeting in Florida.

How would you describe working at Grant Street?
Grant Street’s work environment is created by a large group of very driven people. It feels so nice to be in an environment where everyone’s time is valuable. Everyone works hard in order to get the work done as quickly and efficiently as possible. There’s a lot of respect for each person’s work and commitment from every individual to make their part of the puzzle fit into yours, so that together you create a beautiful vision.

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What sparked your interest in Grant Street?
Having previously worked in Event Production for a non-profit organization, I knew I needed a change of pace and a different experience in the corporate side of events. I researched and found Grant Street, a company that I found was growing at a rapid speed, and I wanted to be a part of that. I was hooked by the irresistible friendliness of the employees and how each person’s work was considered valuable. I started interning in February, and I am still eager to work every single day.

What advice would you give a future intern?
Become a sponge. Soak in every single detail that you can, apply it during your time here, and take it with you. Everything you do has an impact on how the company runs.

Outside of work, what do you like to do in Pittsburgh?
I have many favorite things to do in the city, ranging from biking to shopping, but my favorite thing has to be the food! I love trying new restaurants that open up across the city. In addition to my love of eating food already prepared, I also enjoy fresh produce from the Strip District and cooking and/or baking!

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