Meet Robin, Data Conversion Specialist Team Lead

September 26, 2018

Robin is a Data Conversion Specialist Team Lead who joined Grant Street Group in May 2017.

Tell us about your role at Grant Street Group.

I am a Data Conversion Specialist! When counties choose TaxSys, my team will obtain the data from their previous system and convert it to TaxSys so the county experiences a smooth transition. My role is to examine the data and figure out how it will fit in TaxSys. I work closely with developers who write the code that actually moves the data and then test the data converted to TaxSys to make sure it is accurate and ready to go. I am also a team lead, which gives me a wonderful opportunity to assist my teammates in their work as well as to help to onboard new team members.

How long have you been with Grant Street Group?

1 year full time, 3 years as an intern

What have you most enjoyed about working at Grant Street Group?

My favorite part of Grant Street Group is the people. We all strive to do the best work we can and we are known for high quality products. I enjoy being surrounded by very intelligent people who love solving problems. It’s a great group of people to work with.

How would you describe Grant Street Group’s company culture and work environment?

It is so hard to describe Grant Street Group’s culture in just a few sentences and yet it is something I’m grateful to be a part of every day! Every person’s goals, happiness, and well-being are valued. This sense of worth and respect for individuals is carried by everyone at the company, too. It’s great to be able to ask questions to people outside my own team and know that they’re happy to take a moment to help me!

What do you most enjoy about telecommuting?

Telecommuting benefits both individual employees and the company as a whole. For me, it permits flexible hours and the ability to work from anywhere in addition to saving commute time. For the company, telecommuting allows us to find great employees by not limiting our search to a small geographic area.

What are you working on outside of work?

I love animals and enjoy horseback riding. I got involved in animal rescue when I found out local organizations really needed computer help – websites, Facebook pages, and photos among other things. It was a great way to combine my love for technology and my love for animals.

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