Hillsborough, Nassau, and Brevard Counties Go Live with TaxSys®

September 5, 2014 Brevard County Nassau County Hillsborough County

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE – The summer of 2014 brought several significant milestones for TaxSys®, Grant Street Group’s state-of-the-art, web-based tax collection and billing system and integrated suite of tax collection software. Three system conversions – for the Hillsborough, Nassau, and Brevard County Tax Collector’s Offices – were completed on time and on budget. With the addition of these 3 clients, over $13 billion in property tax revenue will be processed via TaxSys in Florida.

The Hillsborough County Tax Collector’s office successfully completed their conversion to TaxSys on July 1, following an 18 month conversion process. Hillsborough collects nearly $1.35 billion in property taxes on more than 466,000 parcels each year.

The Nassau County Tax Collector’s office went live with TaxSys on July 28, following a five month conversion process. Nassau collects nearly $109 million in property taxes on more than 47,000 parcels each year.

The Brevard County Tax Collector’s office went live with TaxSys on August 18, following a six month conversion process. Brevard collects over $515 million in property tax on more than 325,000 parcels.

These TaxSys conversions also included a transition to PaymentExpress®, Grant Street Group’s e-payment solution, which is fully integrated with TaxSys.

“Each successful TaxSys conversion over the course of this summer is a glowing testament to the tax collector’s staff in Hillsborough, Nassau, and Brevard Counties. Their professionalism and diligence throughout the entire conversion is evidence of the outstanding customer service they provide their customers,” said Ian Yorty, Grant Street Group’s Chief Business Development Officer. “We are also extremely proud of our Grant Street Group professionals for completing three simultaneous implementations in counties of these sizes over a six-week period. These partnerships continue to enhance the products and services we provide to Florida’s outstanding Tax Collectors,” continued Mr. Yorty.

For more information, please contact Ian Yorty at (305) 710-8926 or Ian.Yorty@GrantStreet.com.