TaxSys® is a hosted, web-based tax calculation, billing, collection, cashiering, distribution and revenue management system.

Our clients use TaxSys to collect and distribute billions of dollars in revenue each year. Combined with our suite of integrated, special purpose web applications and services, TaxSys allows our clients to realize significant savings in time and money.

A dedicated team of full-time professionals including software developers, information systems administrators, business analysts, technical writers, and project managers, help ensure the highest level of client satisfaction.

System Module Overview

Real Estate/Property Tax

The Property Tax modules manage all functions related to property tax accounts and bills, including current and delinquent accounts. Property tax management in TaxSys is unique in that any number of working tax roll years are active at a given time, and no separate handling is required to “archive” accounts or “move” them to a delinquent system. Rather, all activities are date driven, and as accounts become delinquent, the appropriate business rules are automatically applied.

The Property Tax and Cashiering modules of TaxSys are fully integrated with EscrowExpress, to provide real-time account management and payment for escrow companies and tax paying agents.

Every step of the tax delinquency process: tax certificate auctions, county-held tax certificate sales, tax deed applications, title searches, and tax deed sales are fully integrated with the TaxSys Property Tax modules.

Cashiering and Distribution

Cashiering and Distribution are fully integrated with all other TaxSys modules.

The Cashiering module is used for point-of-sale cashiering of tax bills and miscellaneous items, imports of bulk payments, and any other payment activities. Fully integrated Cashiering and Tax modules simplify the cashiering process for users and eliminate most kinds of payment problems.

The total integration of Distribution with Cashiering and Tax modules means that distribution reporting can be done any time, with up-to-the-minute results. Additionally, this total integration provides “penny for penny” tracking of funds into and out of the system – details of individual payments for individual accounts making up a tax distribution are all accessible from a single, simple distribution report.

The Cashiering module is fully integrated with PaymentExpress for credit card, debit card, and e-check payments. It also has an interface to the Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles (DHSMV) Florida Real-Time Vehicle Information System (FRVIS) and Florida Driver's License Information System (FDLIS), to provide a “one-stop-shopping” experience for taxpayers.

Public Website

TaxSys includes a customized Public Website for taxpayer inquiry, research, payment, and any report downloads that you choose to make available for public access. Our TaxSys clients have complete control over which system data is accessible via the Public Website, and since it utilizes the same centralized, normalized database as the regular TaxSys website, all information that’s displayed is real-time. Electronic billing and payment processing are fully integrated with the Public Website.

The Public Website uses responsive design, so no matter if taxpayers are viewing their bill on their computer or mobile device, the experience is optimized to make it quick and easy for them to pay their bills anytime, anywhere.

Business Tax

The Business Tax module lets tax collector staff manage activities related to business tax and occupational license accounts including renewals, receipts, and correspondence. Taxpayers can create and manage their business tax accounts online with BTExpress, which is fully integrated with the Business Tax module and Public Website.

Bankruptcy and Litigation

The Bankruptcy and Litigation module allows TaxSys clients to track bankruptcy and litigation cases directly in the tax system via manual entry, or import from the Public Access to Court Electronic Records (PACER) system. Any number of tax accounts can be linked to a bankruptcy or litigation case. Linking tax accounts to a bankruptcy or litigation case automatically flags the account as "Bankrupt/In Litigation", which prevents delinquency proceedings according to the county’s configured business rules as well as other custom types of account handling. When the bankruptcy case is closed, the account is automatically un-flagged. The Bankruptcy and Litigation module can also be used to print customized documents and correspondence, such as Proofs of Claim, Notices of Action, and any custom letters desired by TaxSys clients.


The Enforcement module tracks enforcement and collection activities across tax types, and facilitates these activities by bringing together information from multiple TaxSys modules. Enforcement actions can be assigned to agents, prioritized, and their progress tracked, all within TaxSys. And since TaxSys is usable from any web-enabled mobile device, agents can update accounts, make notes, and even take payments directly into TaxSys from the field, with no uploading or syncing necessary.

Special Assessments

The Special Assessments module supports the Property Tax module by managing special assessment information, including creating new special assessments, calculating amortization schedules, and processing payoffs.

Tourist Development Tax

The Tourist Development Tax module lets tax collector staff manage accounts, returns, audits, and correspondence for sales and use and tourist tax accounts. Taxpayers can file returns and remit payment online using TouristExpress, which is fully integrated into the Tourist Development Tax module.

Universal Features

All modules of TaxSys include many universal features such as:
  • robust, customizable searching and reporting;
  • customizable reports and data files delivered on any schedule you choose to email or FTP sites;
  • extensive user notes, including call logging, reminders and document attachment;
  • full audit trails and system logs;
  • linking of accounts across modules, and many others.

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