TitleExpress® provides an efficient paperless process for the Tax Collector to obtain a title search report of the parties of record that have a legal interest in a piece of property, so that they can be notified of impending tax deed sale.


  • Orders for Property Information Reports (FL) and Parties of Interest Reports (CA) can be placed quickly through TaxSys®.
  • Payment for this service is integrated into the tax distribution / apportionment process, eliminating the need for accounting/finance to track the orders and reconcile invoices.
  • Reports are completed in accordance with state law by our dedicated team of experienced title examiners, whom we train to specialize in the specific needs of our Tax Collector clients.
  • The report, backup documents, and the names and addresses of all parties in the report, automatically appear in TaxSys®. Then, after review, Tax Collector staff can quickly and easily transmit all files electronically, via FTP or email, to the Clerk of Court (FL).