TaxSys allows Florida tax collectors to cashier transactions from the Online Registration and Identity Operating Network (ORION) and Florida Real-Time Vehicle Information System (FRVIS) directly within the application. Users can then utilize the reporting and distribution features of TaxSys to track these funds.


Centralized Cashiering

  • Import select data directly from the Department of Motor Vehicles automatically, or upon request
  • Search paid and unpaid ORION/FRVIS batches by date or location
  • Seamlessly cashier ORION/FRVIS transactions on their own or with additional items, providing “one-stop-shopping” to taxpayers
  • Update ORION/FRVIS batch status in real time by paying, canceling, and voiding transactions in TaxSys
  • Validate checks and print receipts directly from TaxSys using your preferred printer hardware

More Robust Reporting

  • Track ORION/FRVIS transactions using flexible criteria, such as payment channel or location
  • Do ORION/FRVIS distribution reporting in TaxSys, using its robust reporting features
  • View ORION/FRVIS batch status

Seamless Integration with TaxSys

  • Connection between TaxSys and ORION/FRVIS
  • Import open, unpaid ORION/FRVIS batches directly into TaxSys for cashiering