EscrowExpress® provides tax collectors with a central website for escrow companies and tax paying agents to perform their own account management and payment processing.

EscrowExpress uses the same normalized, centralized database as TaxSys, so all activity on EscowExpress is reflected immediately in TaxSys, and all TaxSys activity is reflected immediately in EscrowExpress, which minimizes taxpayer confusion and duplicate payments.

From a central website, escrow companies and tax paying agents upload request and payment files, as well as download current tax roll files. Additionally, we provide technical support for EscrowExpress users, relieving tax collector staff of the formerly-burdensome escrow payment management process.

Benefits for Tax Collectors:

  • Seamless, fully real-time integration with TaxSys
  • No more data file or CD exchanges with Escrow Companies and Tax Paying Agents
  • Eliminate errors – invalid accounts flagged, rejected and corrected online
  • No duplicate payments – only one payment accepted per account/parcel
  • Ensures correct tax payments before transactions are processed
  • Refunds requested online

Benefits for Escrow Companies and Tax Paying Agents:

  • Access all TaxSys clients from one central web portal
  • No data files or CD exchanges with Tax Collectors
  • Up-to-date tax roll and tax amounts due
  • Download tax rolls and upload request files over the internet
  • Litigation, Bankruptcy and Delinquent Account reports
  • Automatic notification of account changes
  • Upload one or multiple payment files
  • Online refund requests and reporting
  • Online user instructions and toll-free help number