VisionPro™ is a data analytics and visualization tool designed to give TaxSys® clients a deeper understanding of office performance and customer needs and behavior, using data-driven metrics that are easy to interpret and act upon.

VisionPro Enables TaxSys Clients to:

  • Access analytics and visualizations for all TaxSys data – property tax, cashiering, business tax, tourist tax – and much more.
  • Merge data from external queuing, accounting, or timecard systems to create a full picture of performance and provide context about end-to-end customer experience.
  • Take dashboards on the go with mobile phones or tablets.
  • Display performance metrics for the general public to view on in-office monitors.
  • Access a full community of data analytics, including the ability to share dashboard visualizations with other counties.
  • Create customizable PDF reports.
  • Share best practices with colleagues.


  • Make real-time, data-driven decisions about staffing and wait times.
  • Inform long-term planning, from scheduling and training to determining new office locations.
  • Interactive data visualization, such as mapping the distribution of delinquent parcels or payment methods.
  • Track strategic objectives and assess customer service levels.
  • Measure employee growth and development by reviewing service times, accuracy, and customer feedback to objectively analyze performance.
  • Understand customer needs and behavior by drilling down to the greatest level of detail on each type of interaction (transaction type, item type, tender type, etc.).
  • Simplify financial reporting by eliminating the hassle of generating reports from multiple data sources or across modules.
  • Convey value to the public.

With VisionPro, you can answer questions such as…

How long are our customers waiting in line?

How many customers are we serving quickly (in less than 15 minutes)?

What are our busiest hours in the office?

What are our busiest days of the month?

How many customers pay in person? What are the demographics?

How do our customers pay (by mail, in person, online)?

Who are our top performers?

Additional Features

In addition to the visualization types shown above, VisionPro enables users to display office data in Word Clouds, Histograms, Sparklines, Timelines, Network Charts, and several other formats. Existing visualizations, as shown on this page, can be converted into any visualization type upon request during your implementation of VisionPro.

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