PaymentExpress® centralizes online payments for government services. Customers are offered one convenient platform to manage and make payments. Saved payment methods, scheduled payments, reminders, and a host of other helpful features make paying bills online as simple as a few clicks.

Seamless Payments From Any Device

On the go, paying from an iOS or Android device? Relaxing at home, logging in from a laptop? Wherever a customer is, whatever device they opt to use, PaymentExpress guarantees a quick and seamless experience. The platform was designed for any customer, anywhere, using any device.

Easy Profile Creation

It’s the era of profile and password exhaustion. That’s why PayHub allows customers to securely log in using either their Google or Facebook accounts. Using an existing Google or Facebook account to sign in is an option, not a requirement. Customers can create a unique username and password combination if they prefer that option.

Scheduled Payments

Flexible scheduled payments allow users to customize when and how they pay.

  • A single payment for a future date
  • When the bill is due or on a set date
  • Amount due or a flat amount
  • At a frequency that matches the billing cycle
  • Pause or cancel scheduled payments at any time
  • View completed payments and future scheduled payments
  • Receive email reminders to pay on time
  • Send payment-related questions directly from the website

Stored Payment Methods

No more searching through purses and wallets for credit cards. No more logging into bank sites looking up accounts when it’s time to pay. Saving credit card or bank account information within a profile expedites the checkout process.

Bilingual Display

Customers can interact with PayHub sites in either English or Spanish. Emails, receipts, and other forms of written communication are also offered in both languages. Emails associated with the payment automatically adjust to match.

Complete Payment History

Payment history is displayed on one page with links to receipts. Scheduled payments are visible at a glance and can be modified or canceled with a click.

Analytics and Reporting

Analyze Your Data in Real-Time

PaymentExpress provides an extremely flexible, powerful interface for analyzing data through real-time customized reports across all areas of the system. These reports can be used for a wide range of purposes, from low-level data extraction to high-level statistical reports to workflow management. Our reporting tool also lets you specify search criteria, including date ranges (using phrases such as “today,” “yesterday”, and “last month”) and wildcards for any field, and summarize with subtotals and a grand total.


  • Unlimited custom saved reports
  • Unlimited emailed subscription reports
  • Flexible date search criteria, including “yesterday” and “last month”
  • Download Excel, CSV, or PDF files
  • Hundreds of data fields available in reporting
  • Item level detail in reporting, including on customer receipts