Official Insights: Modernizing Government | Noelle Branning

February 14, 2022

When the pandemic began, it introduced unprecedented challenges for government offices across the country. Serving customers in-person was either limited or ceased altogether. This required offices to quickly implement innovative approaches to delivering their essential government services.

In our new interview series, Official Insights: Modernizing Government, we speak with seven government officials whose offices rely on reimagined communication plans, vast collections of data, and state-of-the-art software developed by Grant Street to manage it all and meet the needs of their customers. You’ll hear insightful conversations about the innovative approaches to payment services, value of data analytics for improving customer service, how to maintain a “personal touch” in a digital service experience, and the increasingly sophisticated role technology will play in delivering convenient and secure government services.

In this first episode of Official Insights: Modernizing Government, we talk with Noelle Branning, Tax Collector for Lee County, Florida. Noelle was elected to her position in 2020 during the COVID-19 pandemic. She speaks to how moving services online, adapting existing ones, and exploring new engagement opportunities have helped her office meet the needs of the community and maintain a culture of great customer service.

Special thanks to our partners at American Express for making this series possible.

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