Volusia County, FL Selects Grant Street Group’s Tax Collection and Billing System

March 18, 2009

Pittsburgh, PA (March 18, 2009) — After an extensive review process lasting nearly six months, Volusia County, Florida, has selected TaxSys®, Grant Street Group’s state-of-the-art, web-based tax collection and billing application, as the new revenue collection software for the County (subject to contract approval). With a population of 500,000, Volusia County is the 10th largest county in the state of Florida.

“Grant Street Group’s high marks in our selection process are based on their experience, expertise and development of a web-based tax collection system that meets the County’s needs” said Peggy Flomerfelt, Revenue Director.

“Volusia’s goal to convert their systems to web-based solutions is a prudent and strategic decision. Selecting TaxSys® places them in the company of other forward thinking government entities choosing hosted solutions that offer Software as a Service, which are far less costly over time and much less taxing on limited government resources,” said former Miami-Dade County Tax Collector and Grant Street Group Director of Florida Business Development, Ian Yorty.

Grant Street Group has converted eight Florida counties to TaxSys® since September of 2006, and is currently in the process of launching the system in Broward County, Florida. Broward County is the 2nd largest county in the state of Florida and the 15th largest in the nation.

For more information, please contact Ian Yorty at (305) 710-8926, or Ian.Yorty@GrantStreet.com.

Categories: Revenue Collection