Testimonial – Foreclosure and Tax Deed Auctions

October 12, 2015

“Grant Street Group’s online ClerkAuction solution allows us to effectively and efficiently process foreclosure and tax deed sales. The convenient online auctions help our office and our citizens save time and money. In addition to their reliable and user-friendly product, their staff is a joy to work with and consistently provides superior customer service.” Joseph… Read more »

Testimonial – Global Securities Lending

“We were pleasantly surprised by how smoothly this first auction proceeded. We plan to conduct similar auctions regularly in the future, because we believe the auction format will help us to get the best available prices for our customers’ securities rapidly and efficiently.” Dessie Bonacci Vice President, Mellon Financial’s Global Securities Lending Group

Testimonial – YieldAuction

“This new process greatly enhances our chances of getting the most favorable interest rates on our investments. I was also pleased to see that many of our Pittsburgh Community Reinvestment Group partner banks are participating in the bidding process.” Chris Berdnik Former Director of Finance, School District of Pittsburgh

Testimonial – Tax Credit Auctions

“For the first time in our nation’s history, a state has successfully held an online auction to raise funds for a venture capital program and as a result, Maryland will infuse $84 million in venture capital into our Innovation Economy to create jobs.” Former Maryland Governor Martin O’Malley

Testimonial – Zions Direct Auctions

“Bidding on CDs through an auction process is the latest and, we believe, most innovative method for pricing these investment products. The phenomenal success of Internet auctions leads us to believe that the market is ready to accept a similar model for financial products.” W. David Hemingway Executive Vice President Zions Bancorporation

Testimonial – LienAuction

“Partnering with the Grant Street Group to host our online tax certificate sales has been one of the best decisions we’ve made! Our vision is “Expect Excellence” and knowing that, they take on our expectations and provide excellent service to our buyers and to us. They truly take care of their customers. You really can’t… Read more »

Auction Stats

July 14, 2015

159,651 Auctions $12.61 Trillion 6,363 Issuers Since 1997

Testimonial – Tax Deed

“The time to process approximately 2,000 [tax deed] cost estimates for a single tax certificate holder was reduced from 3 man weeks to 27 minutes.” Charles Thomas, Tax Collector, Pinellas County

Testimonial – Louisiana CD Auction

“We hold online auctions of CDs to earn more money for Louisiana taxpayers. Banks participate because they get deposits that they can lend out to individuals or use in other ways, ultimately for the benefit of the community where they are located.” John Kennedy, Former Louisiana State Treasurer

Testimonial – Citrus County

“We were amazed at the fact that Grant Street had developed such a product in a short period of time. They truly do have a talented staff!” Janice Warren, Citrus County Tax Collector