Testimonial – Louisiana State Treasurer

June 26, 2015

John Kennedy, Former Louisiana State Treasurer: “We hold online auctions of CDs to earn more money for Louisiana taxpayers. Banks participate because they get deposits that they can lend out to individuals or use in other ways, ultimately for the benefit of the community where they are located.”

Bios – Pierre Denis

June 25, 2015

Meet Pierre Denis, Chief Technology Officer Pierre Denis has learned the subtle art of leading software teams, whether around a table or around the world, by tapping into the inherent desire of developers to push the limits of technology.

Success Story – TaxSys Testimonials

Realize significant savings in time and money. Our clients use TaxSys to calculate, collect, bill, cashier, and distribute billions of dollars in tax revenue each year. A dedicated team of full-time professionals, including software developers, information systems administrators, functional architects, technical writers, customer support business analysts, and project managers help ensure the highest level of… Read more »

More Information – LienAuction

Want More Information? For interest or assistance in using any LienAuction site, or contact us at (800) 410-3445 or LienAuction@GrantStreet.com

More Information – Clerk + Deed Auction

June 24, 2015

Want More Information? For interest or assistance in using any foreclosure/tax deed auction site, or contact us at (877) 274-9320 or ClerkAuction@GrantStreet.com

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