If you have a curious sort of disposition, are great at explaining things, and can demonstrate the ability to help customers learn how to apply our cloud based software applications, then keep reading!

Grant Street Group continues to anticipate the growth of its SaaS model to our public sector clients. Whether it is tax processing, electronic payments, or internet bond auctions, we have tools to make government work better.

We are looking for talented folks who:

  • Want to know why things work the way they do.
  • Excel at explaining things with the right amount of detail.
  • Are capable communicators with the spoken and written word.
  • Know how to collaborate within a team environment.
  • Are dedicated learners with the ability to use software.
  • Are located in the Pacific or Mountain time zone and are willing to work remotely during Pacific business hours.

Our business analysts come from all sorts of academic, business or technical backgrounds. Their common threads? Strong academic performance, great writers, and the ability to engage others in meaningful, fun, and entertaining conversations. If this sounds like you then we do want to start talking about your future and ours!

This position is open to U.S.-based telecommuters. There is some travel required to meet face-to-face with clients and colleagues: applicants should be comfortable with approximately 10% travel.

Our extraordinary company culture is the foundation of our unmatched customer service — just ask our clients! We reward teamwork, professional excellence, and individual responsibility. Using the best collaboration tools available, we offer a technology-rich work environment that makes it possible for us to support on-site and telecommuting positions tailored to the needs of our employees. If you are passionate about your work, you have entrepreneurial spirit and you want to be on a team of exceptional professionals, then this could be the opportunity you are looking for.

If our description fits who you are, apply today! We’ll take it from there. To learn more about the various aspects of this role, check out our job responsibilities section below.

Apply Now – Business Analyst – West Coast (Remote)

Business Analyst Job Responsibilities

If you read our business analyst job posting and thought, “That sounds great, but what is this job actually like?”, then keep reading!

The core function of our role as business analysts at Grant Street Group is to be a liaison between our developers and our clients, and this requires us to wear many different hats.


So what do all of these “hats” really mean?

  • Problem Solving: Every day you work to solve complex problems. When you analyze a calculation, investigate the cause of a bug, or propose a new process you are venturing into unfamiliar territory to find a solution. Our clients and developers rely on your problem solving skills to ensure our software is built and supported effectively.
  • Client support: When a customer has a question, problem, or suggestion, they come to you! You are known as a subject matter expert and our clients rely on that expertise regularly. Whether the issue is major or minor, you know that Grant Street Group takes Software as a Service literally.
  • Prioritization: Our software is ever-changing. With that comes the need to prioritize what, when, and how changes are made. Since you’re working with the software and our clients daily, who better to prioritize than you? Business analysts are constantly asking themselves: Does this feature need to be completed before a certain time? What is the impact of this bug? How can other clients benefit from this change? We use a ticketing system to track pieces of work such as functionality requests and bug fixes. We then prioritize them for developers to work on.
  • Technical Specifications: It’s your job to convey to the developers what changes need to be made. What happens when you click this button? What does the page look like? How is this file transferred to an external system? In this way, you are directly affecting the product and our clients’ experience.
  • Testing: When a developer completes a change, you get to test it out (in a beta environment) to ensure that it’s working correctly. Does the new behavior match the specification? Does everything else surrounding the change still work correctly?
  • Implementations: We’re a growing company and adding new clients is an exciting part of that growth! Since you’re a subject matter expert, you coordinate with new clients to configure the software to best fit their needs. Think of yourself as a consultant. What business processes does the client need to accomplish? How can our software fit in with and help that process?
  • Training: Helping clients learn about how our software works is also part of your role. Whether it’s a new client coming up to speed on how tasks are completed, or an existing client that is incorporating a new feature into their process, you’re a resource for providing the information and tools they need.

Does this sound exciting and overwhelming at the same time? Most of us thought so too. If you haven’t had experience in this area before, know that many of us lacked business analyst experience before we came to Grant Street Group. What we did have was intellectual curiosity and a passion for problem solving. If you’ve already had business analyst experience, that’s great, and we’re excited about the possibility of you continuing on that path with us.

So now that you know what we do, why are you a great fit? You’ve probably spent a large majority of your life asking “Why” and then making sure that you figure out the answer. You love using all parts of your brain equally, and the thought of speaking with a client or learning about a database schema equally intrigues you. You’re the one that people rely on in team projects. You’re always itching to know more and you hold yourself and others to a high standard.

Before you begin the interview process, keep in mind that we have a tendency to pay special attention to those that put in extra effort in their applications. We are radical proponents of the belief that you are more than just a resume. If you’re excited about this opportunity, we can’t wait to get to know you!

Apply Now – Business Analyst – West Coast (Remote)