Ask anyone at Grant Street Group why they love working here, and they’re sure to mention ‘the people.’ But precisely what makes the people of Grant Street Group stand out?

You belong at Grant Street Group if:

You have intellectual curiosity.

You ask questions. All the time. To everyone. About everything. You’ll be working on products that require deep context and the ability to identify and diagnose complex cause and effect relationships. When one domino falls you’ll want to know what other dominoes will come tumbling down as a result. But you won’t stop there. Why did it fall? Does it have to fall? Will it happen again?

When faced with a challenging problem, you’re able to approach it from all angles, simultaneously considering stakeholders and technical options. You start with understanding the symptoms, but you make it your mission to find the cure. You trust your colleagues to help fill in your gaps of knowledge, you challenge the status quo, and you ask ‘why’ constantly.

You also are comfortable working towards something with no clear-cut answer. Sure, regurgitating a past solution is easy, but the real impact occurs when you’re in uncharted territory.

You work hard.

40 hours, full power. That’s what we expect. When you’re working, you are giving 100% to the team and the project, soaking up and sharing knowledge whenever possible. When you’re done, you’re focusing on the other things in your life. Work is definitely a top priority, but it’s not the top. We know that work/life balance is critical, and we are wholeheartedly committed to maintaining that balance.

You find joy in working with people who are just as committed as you are. The benefit of working with outstanding colleagues is that we can create an environment that permits us to enjoy our time off, family, friends and activities.

You’re humble.

The most poisonous team member is not someone who can’t do the work, it’s someone with an ego. We don’t believe that talent is an excuse for ego. The truly talented people realize that they’ll never know everything; the rest are just faking it. You’re not afraid to be wrong. When you make mistakes, you proclaim it and learn from the experience.

We don’t hoard information, but instead it flows freely. We share Google Docs in our sleep. Your selflessness and generosity are vital to the success of the team and the customer.

You take initiative.

You cringe every time you hear the words “that’s just the way we’ve always done it”, and you can’t help but volunteer when the need arises. You’re the kind of person who is excited to find new ways to contribute each and every day. You’re consistently raising your hand, bringing up ideas, and filling gaps before anyone even noticed they were there. Some of our best ideas, and even some of our products, were started because someone spoke up.

Our standards are high, but so are the rewards we share with each other. So if you like to stay busy, push your limits, and want to work with others who are driven, motivated, and continually strive to deliver outstanding results, Grant Street Group may be the place for you. If so, check out our Current Opportunities.