Even before the pandemic, over 60% of Grant Street employees worked remotely. Having a distributed and virtual workforce allows us to recruit and retain top talent, and provides flexibility to our 400+ employees around the country. We also have a beautiful office in downtown Pittsburgh for local employees who wish to work from our corporate headquarters.

We provide the collaboration tools and the know-how to keep our employees connected and engaged with their team members. We use both synchronous and asynchronous work methods, and stay connected through a robust messaging app, monthly company-wide meetings, and regular 1:1 meetings with team leads and peers. So if you like where you live and have family and friends in your area, you can work with us without relocating. And if you ever want to check out somewhere new, you can move without changing your job.

Because we know that some people do want to spend time in person with their colleagues, team members are free to gather for periodic meetings to collaborate and meet face-to-face.

While other companies are planning their back-to-office strategies, Grant Street continues business as usual. Remote work has been part of our culture for over a decade, and will remain an option for our employees into the future. It’s a major contributor to our environment of trust, ownership, and continued success.