Dear Future HR Manager,

It’s not common to see a message like this in your job search, but I hope that this transparency about the role either makes you jump out of your chair with excitement or kindly scroll to the next posting. Either way, I’m eager to tell you about what this company and HR department are all about. I’m headed to another department in our company, and I can’t wait to see you pick up where I left off and take this department to the next level. I’m an open book, so here are some of the positives and challenges you’ll experience in this role.

First, our company’s approach to work is simple: we aim to foster an unparalleled experience of freedom and fairness at work. Because of this, HR here is not about saying “no.” Our role is to strategically support and maintain our company culture. We’ve found that when you put people over policies and freedom over management, great things happen. HR’s responsibility is to apply this philosophy to recruiting, onboarding, benefits, compensation, and employee relations. Though our mission is simple on the surface, it’s anything but simple in practice. We’re in the “people profession,” which means empathy needs to be your middle name. You will feel the joy of the person on the phone when you make an offer and you will feel the sadness when you hand over the tissue box to an employee who is struggling with a personal issue. You will feel like an integral part of major projects, and you will feel alone when confidential issues arise. An HR Manager’s job, when it’s done right, can be one of the most challenging and rewarding roles in a company. What makes GSG’s HR Manager role so unique is the company culture and management approach. The full support and commitment to treating people like people, not resources, is what makes me so passionate about what I do.

We’re a growing company, which means you’ll need to wear a lot of hats. One minute you’ll be leading an onboarding session for new hires and the next you’ll step into an HR Strategy Meeting with our executives. You then may interview a candidate for one of our many open positions, followed by a meeting with our Operations Director about the internship program. Through it all, your service-oriented mindset and commitment to working smarter, not harder, will lead to your success.

You’ll be joining a small but mighty HR team consisting of a Benefits Specialist, Recruiter, and HR Coordinator. We also plan to hire an HR Generalist this year. I’ll also be sticking around for the first few months to make the transition as smooth as possible. Just this past year we’ve helped hire 49 full-time employees, implemented an HRIS and applicant tracking system, added new benefits like a Dependent Care FSA and sabbatical leave, and completed a wide variety of projects. Our emphasis this year has been on making our operations less reliant on manual processes.

To sum it up, you’ll love this role if:

  • Your core values of humility, generosity, empathy, and trust affect every aspect of your work
  • You thrive in ambiguity and like building processes instead of having your tasks laid out for you step by step
  • You have enthusiasm for everything from administrative tasks to company-wide strategic initiatives
  • You have exemplary verbal and written communication skills

We can’t wait to get to know you and discover how you’ll impact the company very soon. As you’ll soon discover, we have a unique application process because you’re so much more than just a resume. I hope we have the opportunity to talk soon!



Apply Now – Human Resources Manager (Pittsburgh)