Grant Street Group is looking for an experienced and dedicated developer to support the operations of our payment processing application, PaymentExpress. This role will include front-line support of the application, daily operational tasks such as deployments, and site reliability engineering to automate those support tasks.

If you have the following traits, we’d love to hear from you!

A strong sense ownership and initiative. The health and uptime of the application will be in your hands, and your actions will determine our success. If you see an abnormal spike in our resource usage, will you investigate to understand the root cause? Will you set up an automated monitor to proactively alert about a similar situation in the future? You’ll be given the freedom to make these decisions, and the tools needed to make it happen.

An inquisitive nature, and desire for collaboration. Our applications and infrastructure are complex, and continually evolve to adopt new technologies. You aren’t expected to be an expert in everything, but you need a thirst for knowledge which will be put to use in debugging and support. You’ll have a group of experts around you to inform that knowledge, and will be expected to work closely with them.

Ability to perform and troubleshoot under pressure. While uncommon, there will be times when you have to debug a time-sensitive issue causing significant business impact. You need to be confident in your abilities to perform under these stressful conditions.

A “DevOps” mindset, to automate common tasks and focus on proactive operations. Naturally there is some element of “toil” in an operational role. As a Site Reliability Engineer, your mandate is to eliminate toilsome tasks (such as manual deployments), so that you can focus on more impactful and proactive operational projects (such as adoption of a new technology to increase the uptime of our systems).


  • Experience supporting a business critical application in a production environment.
  • Experience in Linux environments (CentOS).
  • Experience writing code. Perl is preferred, but not required.
  • Experience with SQL. MySQL is preferred, but not required.
  • Willingness to be on-call, as part of a regular support rotation.

While not required, experience with any of these will be helpful:

  • Monitoring tools: Kibana, Grafana, Nagios, VividCortex
  • Database technologies: MySQL, Galera
  • Programming Languages: Perl, Go
  • Messaging frameworks: RabbitMQ
  • Deployment tooling: git, Jenkins
  • Containers: Docker, Kubernetes

This position is open to telecommuters. There is minimal travel: 2-4 weeks per year for on-site meetings in Pittsburgh. If you live (or want to) in Pittsburgh, you can work in our beautiful headquarters atop the Heinz building.

Our extraordinary company culture is the foundation of our unmatched customer service — just ask our clients! We reward teamwork, professional excellence, and individual responsibility. Using the best collaboration tools available, we offer a technology-rich work environment that makes it possible for us to support on-site and telecommuting positions tailored to the needs of our employees. If you are passionate about your work, you have entrepreneurial spirit and you want to be on a team of exceptional professionals, then maybe Grant Street is for you!

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