Are you interested in learning how software programs work and support a business? Do you have the capability to collaborate with others and deliver results?

Then Grant Street Group has an internship opportunity you should consider!

Business analyst interns at Grant Street Group share a passion for problem solving and have the intellectual curiosity needed to continuously learn new things. This kind of approach to work is not dependent on a specific major, and in fact, successful applicants have come from a wide variety of majors such as business, history, chemistry, mathematics, and English. We look for a strong record of academic achievement and a history of seeking out opportunities to learn.

The core function of this role is to act as a liaison between various stakeholders (both internal and external) and our developers. Business analysts work to identify and diagnose complex cause and effect relationships. When one domino falls you’ll want to know what other dominoes will come tumbling down as a result. But you won’t stop there. Why did it fall? Does it have to fall? Will it happen again?

Over the course of your summer you’ll have the opportunity to work on your own project with one of our product teams. We want you to have the freedom and autonomy to learn and grow but the structure to keep you from getting stuck.

We are looking for talented folks who:

  • Want to know why things work the way they do.
  • Excel at explaining things with the right amount of detail.
  • Are capable communicators with the spoken and written word.
  • Know how to collaborate within a team environment.
  • Are dedicated learners with the ability to use software.

Past interns have worked on projects involving application metric dashboards, data analysis, business process documentation, and software testing. You’ll have the opportunity to interact with clients, learn from full-time employees, and make an impact on Grant Street Group while developing your professional skills.

If this sounds like you, we’re excited for you to apply using the link below and begin your career with us.

Apply Now – Business Analyst Intern