County of San Mateo, California Selects TaxSys®

July 26, 2017 san_mateo_seal

Today, Grant Street Group announced that the County of San Mateo California and Treasurer-Tax Collector, Sandie Arnott, selected TaxSys® as the new county property tax collection and billing system. Home to over 700,000 citizens and Silicon Valley, San Mateo will become the first California county to implement TaxSys, using the system to collect over $1.5 billion in property taxes each year.

TaxSys, the country’s most widely used cloud-based property tax collection and revenue management system, processes over $18 billion in property taxes every year using Grant Street’s secure private government cloud. In addition to processing transient occupancy taxes and a variety of license and service fees, TaxSys is fully integrated with several special purpose applications including cashiering, e-payment processing and online tax sales.

The selection follows a competitive County procurement process which began in 2016. The County conducted a thorough evaluation process, visiting the offices of county tax collectors currently using TaxSys. The implementation team will consist of 24 Grant Street and 10 County staff members.

“Following seven years of pursuing a new property tax system, I strongly believe TaxSys will exceed our expectations in allowing us to provide improved tax collection services and make processes more efficient,” said Sandie Arnott, San Mateo County Treasurer-Tax Collector. She added, “Implementation of this system will take us into the 21st century and allow us to be aligned with the vision of keeping up with technology to keep San Mateo County moving forward. Our taxpayers deserve no less.”

John McCarthy, Executive Director of Sales for Grant Street, commented, “The San Mateo County contract is the culmination of more than 10 years of research and development inspired and guided by direct input from Tax Collectors and Auditor-Controllers in 20 of California’s largest counties. We completed all of the software development for Tax Collectors and Auditors in June and we are on track to deliver a fully functional system to San Mateo on time and on budget.”

The TaxSys conversion is scheduled for completion within 24 months. This includes a transition to several additional services that will be provided by Grant Street, all of which are fully integrated with TaxSys:

  • BillExpresswhich allows homeowners to enroll in electronic billing for property tax notices;
  • DeedAuction® an online auction system for the County tax-defaulted property sale;
  • EscrowExpress® an online portal that allows mortgage companies and tax servicing agents to make escrowed tax payments;
  • PaymentExpress® Grant Street’s electronic payment processing platform, which will allow the County to accept tax payments via credit card, debit card, and e-check;
  • TitleExpress® for the County to process online parties of interest title reports; and
  • TouristExpress for online transient occupancy tax processing.

For more information, contact John McCarthy via phone at 412-246-1321 or via email at

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